Yoga Nidra Online Course

By now, you may have experienced a deep relax through a guided Yoga Nidra class in your spa, yoga studio or retreat.

Learning about the Neuroscience behind how the nervous system and the brain responds to such a deep practice as Yoga Nidra, will enhance your knowledge and ability to adapt Yoga Nidra Guidances to fit your client’s or student’s needs. Because Yoga Nidra is designed to decrease brain CPUs, caution is needed when working with beginners as well as people on medication or general mental trauma. Knowing the foundations of building a safe and effective Yoga Nidra guidance for everyone is key to upholding the ethics and integrity of the practice.

  • Online Live Video Classrooms with Power Point Presentations

  • Homework and Reading Assignments

  • Practicing Writing and Reading Aloud your own Yoga Nidra Guidances for therapeutic needs

  • Feedback and expert mentoring with Paula Tepedino to safely navigate you through the understanding of each of the 10 Stages of Yoga Nidra

  • Support with compassion

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