CONTINUING EDUCATION for yoga teachers & Self-Care Retreats for non-yoga teachers


Paula will guide participants into helping themselves or others who are coping with specific ailments through the use of Ayurveda Body Type Analysis and Application of Yoga Therapies. Therapies include Restorative Asana, Pranayama for Your Type, Hand Mudras and Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation for your Dosha and Simple Cooking and Menu Planning.

Each presentation will give the yoga teacher Perspective to assist in the presentations while non-yoga teachers will be offered a mini-retreat experience with personal attention for comfort and safety.

All presentations will include a Light Lunch, Beverages and Food that are geared to the THEME of each experience to help reinforce the experience.

  • Take them all or just 1

  • Earn CEU Credits

  • Have Fun learning Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy with others

  • Refresh, renew, recharge in a Self-Care Day Retreat

SUNDAYS - 9am to 2pm

Fall, 2019 - INFLAMMATION MODEL, strengthen bones/muscle alignment and support better balance for aging and degeneration


Fall, 2019 - COOL, CALM & COLLECTED, methods to manage stress, trauma and overall disconnections from life

  • $85

  • $75 if you are a Yoga Light Student or Graduate

All presentations are held at Awakening Point Yoga Studio, 254A Mountain Avenue, Suite 2A, 2nd Floor, Hackettstown, NJ

To Register call Mary at 973-670-7421. Thank you.



WOMEN’S SILENT RETREAT - Blairstown, NJ - Fall, 2019- $40 minimum donation

Retreating is a necessity for Women on the go. Retreating doesn’t mean never coming back or shirking our duties and responsibilities. It’s like an exhale or hitting PAUSE for a brief moment in time. Quietude is what restores the Feminine Principle, Shaktee. It is during the silent times that our Vital Energies are filled up and refreshed.

  • Ask yourself: Do I give and give and give?

  • Do I feel drained and exhausted?

  • Why can’t I take a break and get some alone-time?

Be nurtured with powerful and simple Oil massages on hands and feet; Grind spices to reconnect to your inner cosmic memories; Rest in a little cocoon at the Savasana station; Journal, meditate, draw as you wish in the Meditation station. Eat a yummy in the tummy meal in community while consciously eating and savoring every bite.

Stay tuned and ask to be put on the list. We’ll keep you posted. Only 6 to 10 women in this one, ladies.

Email for more information.