Pay Attention

If you think strongly about this, it will show up in your life. No need to even break a sweat. Be clear when you think strongly about what you want to practice. Maybe it’s practicing being more kind, being less in control, or being more present.

The universe has a sense of humor. So at first what might appear are little tests to really see if you MEAN what you think and say, for sure. It helps to have a good sense of humor and play when you are creating your life!

This week, just think strongly for about 5 minutes about what you want to show up in your life. Make it BIG. Big like something that serves all instead of just you, and something that is biodegradable, ecologically safe and improves your life and others.

Like Kindness. Being Present and putting down your phone. Making light of the heavies of the day. Thanking yourself for showing up.

I’m glad you’re here. For without you - your unique self - the light is less brighter. And with you, we can put our minds and heart to do anything. We can. Believe and click your heels together three times. 1, 2, ……….

Paula Mari Tepedino