5 Illness Model Course

The Five Illness Model Course is designed to be 5 presentations that are structured to include Yoga Methodologies that fit specific common illnesses for each of the models: Neurotransmitter, Digestion, Immunity, Inflammation, and Psychological/Spiritual. The presentations are in a Lesson Plan format so participants can easily use them with their clients. Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Mudras and Pranayama by Ayurveda Type are some components for the course. A manual is included as is homework assignments, suggested reading materials and clinical assessments.

A total of 25 total credits will be awarded upon successful completion. This includes both the 5 Illness Model Course and the Grassroots Ayurveda.


The Grassroots Ayurveda course can be taken alone or in tandem with the Five Illness Model Course. Live Video Classroom time will be used to demonstrate various grassroots Ayurveda practices in addition to providing the participant with a manual and homework assignments.

Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy are perfect together as they provide a more Wholistic approach to a client-centered class or session. Simple practices such as spice grinding with a mortar and pestle can be a meditation-in-movement for some and combined with the Digestion Illness Model, can reawaken the joy of eating healthy. Vegetable cutting, food identification according to Dosha type, ghee making for awakening sensory cognition is included. Therapies such as skin brushing, abhyanga oiling of skin for conditions such as eczema are demonstrated as are sense purification via neti pot, scraping of tongue, gargling and eye wash.

Course Details

These IAYT Approved Professional Development (APD) courses are open to participants that are Certified in Yoga or Certified as an IAYT Yoga Therapist, or a Registered Yoga Alliance member or other professionally-recognized practitioner such as Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse, etc. Upon successful completion, an IAYT APD approved Certificate of Completion for continuing hours earned will be sent.

The course is offered online and LIVE video classroom presentations with Paula Tepedino.

If you are interested in learning more, and want hands-on, the Five Illness Model course is offered at Awakening Point Yoga Studio in Hackettstown, NJ, four times a year. Please contact Paula for more information.

Paula also offers a 100-Hour Online of Basics of Yoga Therapy & Grassroots Ayurveda.

Thank you, Paula. I have so enjoyed this course. It has opened my eyes and has taken My Personal Yoga Practice to a new level. And working with clients, it has changed my interaction with them as well. All around it has been a fantastic experience and I am so grateful for your course.
— Anitra Apps, Canada 2019
Study at home to advance your knowledge and expertise.

Study at home to advance your knowledge and expertise.