Paula taking a Warrior break at Blairs Academy, NJ.

Paula taking a Warrior break at Blairs Academy, NJ.

About the Courses

Whether you are looking to improve your personal life or to enhance your yoga training, you will find the courses at My Yoga Therapist reliable, valuable and convenient.As part of Paula's commitment to continue to offer courses to help her students and teacher graduates, she teaches this course online. It has all the depth of her LIVE 10-month trainings at Breathing Room Center in NJ. The difference is that you won't have to travel every weekend for 10 months and put your life on hold while enrolled. You can study in the comfort of your space and go at your own pace to suit your style of learning. Paula schedules ONLINE LIVE time with every student and for every lesson for 40 minutes.

I took the ‘Basics of Yoga Therapy’ course thinking I could learn yoga to help others. What I really learned, was to help myself. I discovered a buried treasure that I didn’t know existed. It has helped me overcome obstacles and heal which is the first step you should take before you can offer this gift to others.
— Anna P., NJ

Paula makes herself available in LIVE classrooms, not taped podcasts. She is available LIVE with you through an online Classroom that records and allows for interaction during a session. You will be able to reach out to her after every lesson and schedule your 40 minute LIVE session at a time that works for you. 

Your heart is probably one of the ‘biggest’ I know — you have impacted me in so many ways - thank you for that, I am a much different person than I would have been had I not met you on this path.
— Linda S., PA

The curriculum covers Yoga Philosophy, the basics of Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy, Anatomy & Physiology, the Five-Illness Lesson Plan Models and much more. Go to the syllabus link to see the complete curriculum. Because the courses are the Basics of Yoga Therapy there are lesson plans that follow the Five-Illness Model offering relief to students who suffer from common ailments. The lesson plans include pre and post stretching, modified restorative asana, pranayama suitable for their condition, mudra meditations and deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra.

The curriculum is meant to serve as an addendum and as a foundation to continued yoga studies whether you are a Yoga Teacher or someone wanting to learn more about both the basics yoga therapy and ayurveda.

Paula's guidance will be there for you throughout the course. She will offer effective feedback, fine tune the material to suit your learning style and support you to successfully complete the course.