My Yoga Therapist


What To Expect

  • Every lesson has reading assignments and study questions.
  • When submitted by email, Paula's feedback will be offered for clarification and monitoring of your progress.
  • Over the duration of the course, 4 written tests will be administered.



There is a Pre-requisite for this 200 hour course. You must have at least 1 year of yoga experience.

• You'll be working with a syllabus that was created with more than 10,000 teaching hours behind it
• You will be required to write a comparative essay using yoga therapy versus another science
• You will be required to teach 15 private classes
• You will attend weekly yoga/meditation classes at a local yoga studio 

Certification Completion

  • Successful completion of all the course syllabus (15 Lessons)
  • Submittal of all homework assignments
  • Passing grade for the 4 written tests
  • Submittal of a 500-word Essay using Yoga as a comparative study along side another science such as Psychology or Philosophy
  • Submittal of 15 Clinical Reports
  • Documentation of participation in a regular-weekly attendance of yoga or ayurveda or other health classes during this course
  • Fulfillment of all requirements within 12 months of enrolling in this course

Prepare for your online course

Expect to work 6 hours a week. Have a quiet place at home. Keep a notepad and list of questions. Get support from friends and family and, get connected to a local yoga studio. 

Know your limits and weaknesses and reach out to Paula for help overcoming those. What is your final goal? The more she knows, the more she can help you achieve those goals.



All lessons are in PDF-password-protected format. Some lessons include video and audio resources that clarify certain subject matter being addressed. Each student is responsible for printing out the lessons.

There are textbooks that go along with the lessons and these are not included in the course tuition. 

For full syllabus, please click here.


A clinical report is a record of a Yoga Therapy session that took place between the student-in-training and their client/volunteer. It can be included/integrated in other professional sessions such as massage or counseling.

Cancellation POLICY

After the deposit is received, the first lesson will be mailed to you. You have 5 days to review the material and if you decide to cancel, your deposit minus $25 processing fee will be refunded.

There is no cancellation policy once the tuition amount is received in full.